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Mayor’s Greetings

Gyeongsan-si, located in the south central part of Gyeongsangbuk-do, is a cultural city with a long history.

It was a base for Aptokkuk in the ancient Three-Hans period; an outpost for unifying the three divided nations in the Silla era, where General Yu-shin and the regional ruler Kim fostered Hwarang (elite troops); and the birthplace of three saints: Saint Wonhyo, Seol Chong (a grand scholar), and Il Yeon (a distinguished Buddhist monk).

In particular, Gwanbong Seated Stone Buddha (alias “Gatbawi”) in Palgonsan Mountain, Gyeongsan, Treasure No. 431, which is believed to grant at least one of your wishes if you pray to it with utmost sincerity, attracts millions of worshippers and tourists every year as a valuable cultural heritage. We sincerely hope that you will come to Gyeongsan to visit the treasure and make your dreams come true.

Mayor of Gyeongsan-si CHOI YOUNG-JO

Mayor of Gyeongsan-si

Our city, where a huge number of universities, affiliated research institutes, and sophisticated-technology businesses are located, is a mecca of education in Northeast Asia, with outstanding and ample manpower and well-built city-based infrastructures, and is developing into a global city where more foreigners reside than any other city in Gyeongsangbuk-do. We call for you, dear netizens, to share with us your enlightened views and to give us your utmost support. Thank you.