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welcome to gyeongsanGyeongsan Introduction


Three-Hans Period

  • The small country of Apryang (alias “Aptokkuk”), a part of Byunjin

Silla Era

  • Annexed to Silla in 102 (King Pasa, 23 years)
  • Established Apryangju (ruler: Yu-shin Kim) in 642 (Queen Sunduk, 11 years)
  • Established one gun and two hyuns (located in Jangsan-gun) in 750 (King Kyoungduk, 9 years)
  • Gyeongsan area→Jangsan-gun, Hayang area→Hwaseong-hyun, Jain area→Jain-hyun (Nosahwa-hyun, Insan, Jain, etc.)

Goryeo Dynasty

  • Demoted from gun to hyun→Jangsan-hyun in 940 (first king, 23 years)
  • Made Jangsan-hyun and Hayang-hyun belong to Gyeongju-bu, and Jain-hyung to Andong-bu, in 1018 (King Hyunjong, 9 years)
  • Renamed Jangsan “Gyeongsan” in 1310 (King Chungsun, 2 years)
  • Regained the status of hyun in 1317 because it was the birthplace of Il Yeon, the National Monk, (King Chungsuk, 4 years)
  • Promoted to gun in 1391 because it was the birthplace of Ms. Rho, the queen (King Gongyang, 3 years)

Chosun Dynasty

  • Demoted Gyeongsan to hyun again in 1395 (first king, 4 years)
  • Transferred Gyeongsan-hyun and Hayang-hyun to Daegu-bu from Gyeongju-bu in 1601 (King Sunjo, 4 years)
  • Regained the status of hyun for Gyeongsan and Hayang in 1607 (King Sunjo, 40 years)
  • Regained the status of hyun for Jain in 1637 (King Injo, 15 years)
  • Promoted Gyeonsan-hyun, Hayang-hyun, and Jain-hyun to gun in 1895 (King Gojong, 32 years)

Modern Period

  • Annexed Hayang-gun, Jain-gun, and some parts of Nam-myeon Shinryeong-gun to Gyeongsan-gun in 1914
  • Promoted Gyeongsan-myeon to Gyeongsan-eup on July 8, 1956 (Law No. 393)
  • Established the Yukdong local office in Yongseong-myeon on July 1, 1966 (Gun Ordinance No. 108)
  • Promoted Ansim-myeon and Hayang-myeon to eup on July 1, 1973 (Presidential Decree No. 6543)
  • Annexed Ansim-eup and Gosan-myeon to Daegu-si on July 1, 1981 (Law No. 3424); two eups, seven myeons, and one local office
  • Abolished the Yukdong local office on December 1, 1986 (Gun Ordinance No. 1008)
  • Adjusted some administrative districts in Wachon-myeon, Gyeongsan-eup, and Apryang-myeon on January 1, 1987 (Presidential Decree No. 12007)
  • Promoted Gyeongsan-eup to si and adjusted Gyeongsan-gun into one eup and seven myeons on January 1, 1989 (Law No. 4050)
  • Integrated Gyeongsan-si and Gyeongsan-gun on January 1, 1995 (Law No. 4775)
  • Promoted Jinryang-myeon to eup on November 1, 1997 (City Ordinance No. 226)
  • Divided Seobu-dong into Seobu 1-dong and Seobu 2-dong on October 18, 2004
  • Since October 2004, Gyeongsan-si has been composed of two eups (Hayang & Jinryang), six myeons (Wachon, Jain, Yongseong, Namsan, Apryang, and Namcheon), and seven dongs (Jungang, Dongbu, Seobu 1, Seobu 2, Nambu, Bukbu, and Jungbang).