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Sister/Friend Cities

Sister Cities

Sister Cities
City Name Date of Sisterhood
Basic Current Situations Note
Japanese city of Jyoyo
‘91 1. 22
  • The city, which is located between Kyoto Prefecture and Nara City, is famous for its clear four seasons and warm climate. It is well equipped with cultural facilities for its citizens and has advanced commerce and industry. Its major and famous specialties are gold and silver threads, flowers, figs, and plums.
  • Area : 32. 75㎢
  • Population : 82,000
  • Local specialties: figs, plums, sweet potatoes For reference,
    see the Jyoyo City homepage.
Kyoto Prefecture
Huangdao District in China
‘96. 6. 19
  • The district is located near the southeastern coast of China’s Shandong Province, whose climate is similar to that of South Korea. The district, a satellite city of Cheongdo City, is a historical and cultural city with brilliant natural views, and is emerging as an industrial city. Its famous specialties are wheat, peanuts, corn, granite, marble, iron, and zinc.
  • Area : 2,096㎢
  • Population : 1,390,000
  • Local specialties: wheat, peanuts, corn
    For reference, see the Huangdao district homepage.
(Integration of Jaonan City and Huangdao District, December 2012)
Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do ‘98. 9. 15
  • Sinan-gun is a maritime gun composed of 1,004 islands in the southwest seashore (73 inhabited islands, 931 uninhabited islands). Its major industry is agriculture and fishery, and its primary industry accounts for 76.8% of the total industry.
  • Area : 654.16㎢
  • Population : 47,000
    For reference, see the Sinan-gun, Jellanam-do homepage.
Gangdong-gu, Seoul ‘96. 3. 19
  • Gangdong-gu is a beautiful and comfortable environmental city located in the upper region of Han River. Gangdong-gu, a historic region, has preserved its 6,000-year-old prehistoric cultural relics and is a traffic gateway in the eastern part of Seoul, where the starting points of expressways and subways lines are concentrated.
  • Area : 24.58㎢
  • Population : 465,000
    For reference, see the Gangdong-gu, Seoul homepage.

Friend Cities

Friend Cities
City Name Date of Friendship
Basic Current Situations Note
Chinese city of Hangzhou
‘01. 10. 30
  • Area : 16,596㎢
  • Population: 6,663,000
  • Local specialties: silk, Longjing tea
Provincial capital of Zhejiang Province
Chinese city of Shengzhou
‘00. 3. 7
  • Area : 1,784㎢
  • Population : 74,000
  • Local specialties: tea, cooking implements, neckties
Zhejiang Province
Chinese city of Zhalantun
‘05. 1. 7
  • Area : 16,926㎢
  • Population : 440,000
  • Local specialties: corn, beans, dairy products
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Chinese city of Yinchuan
  • Area : 9,491㎢
  • Population : 1,406,000
  • Local specialties: natural gas, automobiles
Ethnic Ningxia Autonomous Region
American city of San Bernardino ‘01. 9. 5
  • Area : 153㎢
  • Population : 205,000
  • Local specialties: grapes, oranges